Spam Trap

SpamtrapTo get the latest spam mails, you can build a spam trap. The spam trap consists of two parts. First, you have to force the spammers to send spam to the spam trap. That is absolutely simple:

Put some mail addresses on a homepage, which you do not use otherwise.


Address dealers scan the Internet constantly for addresses, they can sell. As you can see, they just found some addresses!

The second part of the spam trap is located on our Anti Spam Gateway. Mail sent to these addresses is now cought and fed into the spam filter. The spam filter automatically learns the current spam we get. We can even blacklist the IP addresses which send these mails.

Spammer constantly try new tricks, to bypass spam filters. Using the spamtrap we constantly get the latest spam mails for free. This gives us also the information required to constantly improve the spam filter.

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