flod-bkgCorero’s First Line of Defense provides the most comprehensive protection against the latest breed of cyber-attacks, including network and application layer DDoS attacks, zero-day exploits, remote exploit insertions, server targeted threats and access attempts from malicious IP addresses and unwanted geo-locations, all of which easily bypass traditional network security defenses and compromise enterprise networks.

Corero’s solutions work in tandem with traditional and next generation firewalls, IPS, and other existing IT infrastructure, which do not prevent access to your network by today’s untrusted and unwanted traffic, leaving enterprise networks at great risk of having their web presence taken down and/or data exfiltrated. Corero’s solutions lead the industry in detecting and blocking today’s crippling and costly attacks.

Corero’s award-winning products and services are securing leading enterprises around the world across industries, allowing them to guarantee accessibility and ensure business success within the new, rapidly changing Internet reliant marketplace. In addition to Corero’s leading on-premise solution, Corero’s SecureWatchTM Service offering makes available to our customers on a 24/7 basis, experts in the mitigation of sophisticated cyber-attacks in real time.

Corero’s US headquarters are in Hudson, Massachusetts, and its European headquarters are in London, England with offices throughout the world.

The top 5 ways unwanted traffic impacts your IT Infrastructure and business are:

  • Website downtime
  • Degrading firewall performance
  • Overloading servers
  • Probing/access by unknown/untrusted users
  • Bi-directional botnet communication