The remaining IP addresses come to an end. In a few days, the last ones are assigned. Well, the world keeps turning, even if there are no IPv4 addresses left. But soon you can only get ⇒IPv6 addresses. If one your customers or suppliers got only IPv6, you have to change too, or you cannot communicate anymore. These will give a chain reaction. Suddenly everybody has to change. So take the time, look at the new protocol, while you got some time left.

In our environment, we did to the transition to IPv6 and did realize, it does not hurt!

For a smooth transition, we have implemented Dual-Stack. Like that we can use IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time. Dual-Stack has the advantage, that for IPv4 everything remains the same, additionally we got IPv6. The good news is: it just works. Using this solution, we have no hurry to replace software, which does not yet fully support IPv6. We still can access that one. But we can also access web sites which are only available via IPv6, or we can send and receive mail using IPv6.

If you want to try IPv6, give us a call. We can help you doing it.