Welcome to Bruderer Research GmbH!

Bruderer Research GmbH was founded in 1998 and specializes in ⇒computer security, computer networking and network optimization.

Our area is perimeter security. The interface to and from the Internet: firewalls, intrusion prevention, application control and the secure networking of computers. Since the beginning of the Internet we have been dealing with firewalls and mail gateways to ward off malware, spam and crackers.

In the last 20 years, the methodology of the attackers has changed a lot. In the beginning, mainly servers in the DMZ were attacked to gain access to internal resources. Today the client computers are now the target. The possibilities of today’s browsers and email clients invite you to do so.

Especially the interaction between email and web is extremely critical. 90% of all attacks today take place via email. The user opens an attachment in the mail client or clicks on a link in an email and it is already too late. It is about blackmail, information theft, industrial espionage and abusive computer use.

Mobile communication and bring your own device also present new challenges to computer security.

In today’s world everything is completely connected. The data migrate to the cloud. That’s handy, but it does not simplify security. And the client computers are still at risk.

Simply running a firewall is not enough anymore. New measures, such as next generation antivirus, phishing isolation and network isolation are necessary.

Our strength is the wide know-how range. It ranges from cabling to switches, routers, firewalls, web servers, TCP/IP infrastructure, mail, voice over IP, and the application you use to run your business. In addition, we keep ourselves up to date on the current dangers and can also assess how the priorities must be laid.

We would be pleased if we could also count you among our customers.

Peter Bruderer, CEO and founder