Welcome to Bruderer Research GmbH!

Bruderer Research GmbH was founded 1998 and specializes in computer security, computer networking and network optimization.

Our strength is the interface to the Internet, in other words firewalls, intrusion protection and the networking of computers. Since the early times we build mail gateways to protect against virus and spam. Over the time we expanded our knowledge towards mobile communication. Every employee got his smartphone today and synchronizes over the Internet. A new interesting subject, we are looking at is Internet telephony.

A goal of our company is to use alternatives to Microsoft. So we primarily use Linux and Apple. To have a direct comparison, we do intensive tests also with Microsoft.

Over the time we have developed a set of products specially designed for mobile, travelling people. These products work together very well and allow you to safely access your data, mail, contacts and calendars always and everywhere.

The combinations of products we use, are specially selected to give you the flexibility you require and to keep cost low with low maintenance requirements.

Our biggest advantage is our know-how. It goes from wires, switches, firewalls, webserver, TCP/IP infrastructure, mail, voice over IP to the application you do your business with.

Peter Bruderer, CEO and founder