The data network is the core of your company. It does not matter if you got 5 or 50’000 employees. Without the network there is no communication and no data transfer. Nothing. Everything is bound to the quality of your network. In the meantime even telephony is using your data network.
Unfortunately we always have to realize, that the network is the biggest weakness. In smaller companies administrators are afraid of doing something, in bigger companies it is outsourced and the provider looks after it.
Both cases have one thing in common. You do not use the full your data network to its maximum. The local admin does not want to change something because he does not have the know-how, the provider does not change something because you do not give him instructions. The problem: you cannot really tell them what you need, because you don’t know what’s possible.
But you can make use of our know-how. We can support your administrator doing his daily job. He can call us if he got a question or needs help. If you need to talk to your provider we can support you, because we speak the same language as your provider.
In all sitations you definetely get more value for your money.