Since 1992 we deal with firewalls.

In this time we have seen many product. Our preferred devices were:

  • Sun Screen. This product was THE stateful firewall for a long time. It was a transparent firewall in the datastream.
  • Gauntlet. That product was the application level firewall.
  • Checkpoint. Everybody knows this product.
  • Netscreen. Simple to use like Checkpoint, safe as Sun Screen.

Time changes. Netscreen became Juniper and Fortinet was created. The founders of Netscreen sold their company to Juniper and founded Fortinet.

The whole speed of the development of Netscreen went into Fortinet. Fortinet is now the device that stops all kind of threats on the network boundry. They implemented more and more functions like Intrusion Protection and Application Control. Using these features, also new and unknown attacks can be stopped.

Fortinet is the leading vendor in the growing UTM (Unified Threat Management) market.

We got the certification FCT (Fortinet Certified Trainer) and the status Silver.