Apple LogoSome years ago we migrated the client side of our internal IT to Apple. It was not mainly for security reasons. Macs do have vulnerabilities as any other operating system. But it was for comfort.

We have the advantage of the command line in Terminal and we have the advantage of the support of commercial software and hardware. Now we are constantly looking for solutions running natively on Mac.

The following software packages help us to do our daily work.

  • Numbers instead of Excel
  • Pages instead of Word
  • Keynote instead of Powerpoint
  • OmniGraffle Pro instead of Visio
  • Mail/Calendar/Addressbook instead of Outlook
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop as RDP client
  • Mindnode to create mindmaps
  • SnapNDrag instead of Snagit
  • LimeChat as chat client
  • Firefox as browser to configure network devices
  • Xcode is installed. So we got a C compiler
  • VMware Fusion, just in case we have to run Linux or Windows on our Mac
  • Teamviewer for remote support
  • Safari is our main browser
  • Safari Cookies to get rid of unwanted Cookies when we close the browser
  • 1Blocker and ADguard to suppress annoying advertisements
  • iHEX as hex-editor
  • XLD as CD ripper
  • synching to synchronise home directories across different machines
  • enpass is our password manager.
  • WiFi Scanner helps debugging wireless infrastructures

We use Active Directory based on Linux and Samba 4.

Sometimes it is required to integrate Macs into a Microsoft environment. Of course this task is also very easy. Using additional software from Centrify it is even possible to create group policies on a Mac.

We have to possibiltiy to easily give you remote support. The only requirement is an Internet connection on your side. If you have questions or need help, please contact us.