IPdns is our DNS management system for DNS servers. This tool was developed to centrally maintain UNIX based DNS servers. Data is stored in a central database. With the help of IPdns name servers are built very quick and you always have a backup of your zone files.

IPdns is written in Perl. It can be used on the command line and has a web interface.

  • IPdns can handle zone files for Active Directory
  • supports IPv6
  • avoids illegal entries in zone files
  • automatically increments serial numbers of the zone files
  • changes to zone files can be controlled user based

IPdns is distributed under the GPL.

The following perl modules are required:

  • CGI
  • CGI::Cookie
  • DBI
  • Socket
  • Time::ParseDate
  • File::Copy
  • File::Basename
  • Net::DNS
  • Digest::MD5
  • Sys::Syslog


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